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    Build the drum kit of your dreams by choosing from 27 different kit pieces. From tight and focused to boomy and huge, the possibilities are endless!

    Drums can be auditioned and selected in the "kit select" area. This is also where the pitch, envelope and MIDI dynamics can be adjusted. These parameters are individually controllable on each separate kit piece for maximum command of your drum sound!

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    Twelve individually-controllable close, overhead and room mic channels with full bleed controls allow you to mix the audio just as if you had recorded it yourself. It sounds real because it is real!

    Load up a great-sounding drum mix with presets created entirely using the internal mixer and effects - no additional plug-ins required!

    Each channel can be multi-output routed to individual DAW channels in all popular recording software with our included templates.

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    Not a drummer? Look no further than our included MIDI groove library! Jay Maas Signature Series Drums comes with a large library of customized drum grooves to get you started.

    Audition within the interface and then simply drag-and-drop to your DAW's timeline. The grooves will automatically conform to the tempo of your song. It's perfect for demos or for jamming!

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    Our customizable key mapping page makes working with alternate MIDI mappings and electronic drum kits fast and easy.

    Jay Maas Signature Series Drums comes with key map presets for many of the most popular software drum instruments built in.



    1. Elidor Madar - Metal Demo
    2. Cristian D'Alessandro - JM Demo (Ft Rafa FR)
    3. Cristian D'Alessandro - JM Demo (Drums Only)
    4. Charlie Abend - Metal Demo
    5. Joe Scaletta - Indie / Pop Punk Demo
    6. Ian Shuirr - Jay Maas Drums Demo
    7. Chris Foster - Library Demo (Recorded by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings)

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    1. Preset 01 - Default Kit
    2. Preset 02 - All Zero
    3. Preset 03 - Pick It Up
    4. Preset 04 - Invisible Ninjas
    5. Preset 05 - Indie Splat
    6. Preset 06 - Big Zep

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    Having trained both privately and later at Berklee College of Music, Jay has been entrenched in music since the age of 12. Jay began his journey into professional audio production and engineering in 2003 when he opened his Boston-area studio, Getaway Recording.

    In 2008 Jay founded the band Defeater (Epitaph Records), writing and producing 4 LPs and 1 EP for the band before parting ways in 2015. Now free from the time constraints of touring, Jay's sights are set on making artistically compelling and sonically impactful records full time.

    In addition to his work with Defeater, Jay's extensive production discography contains essential recordings from bands such as Bane, State Champs, Citizen, Counterparts, Verse, Title Fight, Carpathian, Ceremony, Somos and many, many more.

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    *based on

    NYC Aggrolite 6.5x14

    1960s Ludwig Acrolite NYC EDU Edition

    FM King 7x14

    1930s Slingerland Radio King

    Vintage WFL 12x14

    1950s WFL Mahogany w/ wood hoops

    Dark Beauty 4x14

    1920s Ludwig Black Beauty

    Arlington 8x14

    2013 Cravioto Cherry/Maple/Walnut Shell

    Silver Anniversary 6.5x14

    Ludwig "Silver Anniversary" Brass


    *based on

    1970s Stainless 14x24

    1970s Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell

    2013 Arlington 15x24

    2013 Craviotto Maple/Poplar/Maple Shell

    Classic Starkit 18x22

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Shell

    1960s Vintage 14x20

    1960s Camco Maple Shell


    1970s Stainless Rack 14

    1970s Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell

    1970s Stainless Floor 16

    1970s Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell

    1970s Stainless Floor 18

    1970s Ludwig Stainless Steel Shell

    Classic Starkit Rack 12

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Shell

    Classic Starkit Floor 16

    Tama Starclassic Bubinga Shell

    1960s Cam 14 Floor

    1960s Cam 14" Floor Tom


    *based on

    Turkish Dark 18in

    18" Zildjian K Dark Crash

    Turkish Dark 19in

    19" Zildjian K Dark Crash

    Ottoman X 22in

    22" Istanbul Xist Crash

    Ottoman Dark 22in

    22" Instanbul Traditional Dark Crash


    *based on

    Turkish Dry 14in

    14" Zildjian K Dry Hats


    *based on

    Turkish Medium 24in

    24" Zildjian Medium Prototype Ride

    Turkish Sugar 21in

    21" Zildjian Sweet Ride


    *based on

    Turkish Splash

    10" Zildjian Splash

    Turkish China

    18" Zildjian Oriental China

    Turkish Cymbal Stack

    Various Zildjian Cymbals stacked

    Stick Clicks

    Vic Firth Power 5B






    Kick In

    AKG D12

    Inside Kick Drum

    Great River ME-1NV

    Kick Out

    Neumann U67

    Kick Resonant Head

    Sytek MPX-4A

    Snare Top

    Shure SM57

    Snare Top Head

    API 512c

    Snare Bottom

    Sennheiser MD441

    Snare Resonant Head

    API 512c

    Rack Tom

    Sennheiser MD421

    Rack Tom Batter Head

    Thermionic Culture Rooster

    Floor Tom 1

    Sennheiser MD421

    Floor Tom 1 Batter Head

    Sytek MPX-4

    Floor Tom 2

    Sennheiser MD421

    Floor Tom 2 Batter Head

    Sytek MPX-4


    Neumann KM184

    Cymbal Spot @ 6"

    Sytek MPX-4


    Neumann KM184

    Cymbal Spot @ 6"

    Sytek MPX-4


    Lulu 84

    XY Stereo Over Kit @ 5'

    Sytek MPX-4

    Room 1

    AEA R88 Ribbon

    Blumlein @ 8'

    Mono GAMA

    Room 2

    AKG C414 XLS

    Blumlein @ 24'

    API 512c

    * All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Room Sound, LLC. These trademarks are used solely to identify the products whose sounds were studied during the development of the virtual instrument.

    System Requirements:

    Mac: OS X 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, or 11 (latest update), Intel i5 or better processor.
    Windows: Win 7, 8 or 10 (latest service pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU

    4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
    12 GB free hard drive space

    A high-speed Internet connection and a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.1 or higher is required to download and activate this product. Once installed and activated, the product can be used offline.

    Supported Plug-In Formats:

    Kontakt Player 6:
    (version 6.1.1)
    Mac OS X: (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
    Windows (32/64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, AAX

    Refund Policy:

    All purchases are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to make sure that your computer, system software and/or DAW is compatible with our sample libraries. Detailed compatibility and system requirements are listed on each product page.