FAQ: I've installed the library, but it isn't showing up in my Kontakt "Browser" pane.

Most of the time this issue is solved by updating Kontakt to the latest version.

  • Quit your DAW (if using Kontakt as a plug-in in your DAW)
  • Quit the Kontakt application (if using the standalone Kontakt application)
  • If you have not already done so, install Kontakt Player 6 - available here.
  • Check for updates by logging into NATIVE ACCESS using your Native Instruments account.

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PLEASE NOTE: Some of our libraries require Kontakt Player 6 and will not function in Kontakt Player 5. Kontakt Player 6 must be installed separately from Kontakt Player 5 and is a different plug-in within your DAW. Both Kontakt Player 5 and Kontakt Player 6 can exist simultaneously on your system. NATIVE ACCESS will show the latest version of Kontakt Player supported by your system. Please be sure that your computer meets the system requirements listed on the product page of the library before purchasing.